MultiVersus Tier List – Top Fighters

Find out which are the top-tier characters in Multiversus in our new tier list.

Multiversus has catapulted to the top of the charts for fighting games, breaking records for the player count. This Is a game with a lot of competitive potential, which leaves some players wondering about a MultiVersus tier list and where each character sits in the meta. There are definitely stronger fighters than others.

MultiVersus is new, but it already has a strong meta going on. We know where a lot of the characters sit based on their performance in tournaments and general use rates. A few fighters have risen to the top.

MultiVersus pulls in characters from across media. It’s tempting just to go with your favorite characters! However, going with the meta has a lot of advantages. Not every character’s kit is as powerful as others. Some just have better moves for you to work with.

MultiVersus has had some major changes since release. Top-tier characters like Taz have been nerfed, and even rising characters have been cut down before they dominated. Even though it’s a recent game, the title has a good balance. OP characters seem to be leaped on quickly. Although, some fighters sit at the top of a MultiVersus tier list even through patches. This is how it all breaks down.

MultiVersus Tier List

We’ll break down why each character sits where in the MultiVersus tier list below. If you just want a quick reference though, this is where each character stands with the recent patches:

  • S Tier – Bugs Bunny, Batman, Tom & Jerry, Finn, Velma
  • A Tier – Shaggy, Wonder Woman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Jake
  • B Tier – Arya, Taz, LeBron,
  • C Tier – Iron Giant, Steven Universe, Reindog, Garnet,

MultiVersus Tier List – S Tier

Bugs Bunny

MultiVersus Tier List - Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny was definitely one of the top characters for the first stage of the open beta. He has projectiles that can hit players with slowdown, stun them, and deal plenty of damage close up. His tunnels have decent utility too. This is an insane kit that can be difficult to really master. Bugs improve a lot with patience though.

Bugs Bunny has been hit with some nerfs in the most recent patch but he’s still towards the top of any MultiVersus tier list. There’s been some nerfs, and he’s on the harder side to play. Playing Bugs pays off though. 


MultiVersus Tier List Batman

Batman has potential for combos, great vertical mobility, and decent up-close moves. For close-up fighting, he’s one of the top Bruisers in the game for a lot of players. It isn’t just direct attacks that work though. The Batarang and bat-bombs have great potential too. Although, they do have heavier cooldowns so you’ll need to watch out as they’ve become a lot easier for players to punish. Although, it’s still manageable.

Batman has had more than one round of big changes. He initially had some nerfs to his Batarang. The more recent patches have gone even further. They’ve opened up more space for Batarang Counters and made him more difficult to just spam things out. This hasn’t moved from the high end of a MultiVersus tier list though, Batman is still one of the better picks for bruisers.

Tom and Jerry

MultiVersus Tier List Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry can be more complex fighters. They have stranger hitboxes and you have to deal with having two separate characters of different sizes running around. They have a lot of talents though.

Tom and Jerry have great stage control between their throws and projectiles. These aren’t the easiest moves for new players in a 2-v-2 chaotic fighter, but in skilled hands, they can lock things down. You’ll need to put the time in though. They can become completely in control of the flow of a match when used properly.

These two are currently some of the harder characters for new players to get to grips with. They’ve avoided too big of a nerf too. It’s appealing if you’re looking for a new pick of a nerf.


MultiVersus Tier List Finn

Finn’s benefits are going to be familiar for players who like Smash bros, he plays a lot like Smash’s many Swordies. There’s great combo potential with this character, good mobility, and the ability to hit at a slight distance keeping your own hitbox safe. Unfortunately, he’s been one of the biggest victims of recent nerfs. So, is he still top tier?

Finn still has a lot of potentials. Finn’s aerials have had some changes, but he can still be great in the air. Finn really excels with his sword attacks, they still hit hurt without putting you in too much danger. His specials are decent too. Finn’s side charge in particular is pretty good for punishing players and closing the gap into close combat.

He’s perfect for anyone who played a sword fighter over in Smash Bros. Especially for Link players. Since the last patch, he’s been changed in a bit way. He’s less survivable and his hitboxes are fairer. These are definitely going to hit the character, but he still feels like a pick for the MultiVersus tier list’s best fighters, especially with his kit being so familiar.


MultiVersus Tier List Velma

Velma might be the best support character in the game at the moment. She was used heavily at the early EVO 2022 tournament. She builds on other characters. This makes her a perfect pick as part of a 2-v-2 team.

Velma has killed it at some events, but there are some downsides to the character too. She has larger cooldowns between attacks which can be a problem and she always doesn’t offer much in terms of 1-v-1. For the core team gameplay though, Velma has been huge.

Velma had some big changes in the Season 1 patch. She hasn’t had too big of a nerf though. Her kit is mainly intact.

MultiVersus Tier List – A Tier


MultiVersus Tier List Shaggy

Shaggy is an up-close fighter primarily. He has decent attacks when as close to the enemies as you want to get. However, he has utility at a range too with the range mode. He even has the benefits of team play with his thrown sandwich attack. Shaggy is a great mix between full-on support and better Bruiser which is currently making him look like a higher-level pick in MultiVersus tier lists.

The most recent patch for the character has added some extra frames on his side special but buffed one of his rage specials which will likely balance out that change. He’s borderline between A and S tier right now.

Wonder Woman

MultiVersus Tier List Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the better tanks in the game right now, which might be partially down to how versatile as a character she is. Her kit has great benefits for 2-v-2 too. Her Lasso of Truth can work particularly well when coordinated properly. Her main downside is going to be aerials. This is a normal trade-off for a tank, but it’s why she’s a little further down.

The most recent patch made some important changes. She now weighs more and has lowered cooldowns. It’s also made the projectile shield quicker, which should make her defensive play easier for players. Wonder Woman looks like she’s on an upward trajectory here, but we’ll have to see how her changes balance out with the other characters.


MultiVersus Tier List Superman

Superman is pretty heavy, even as far as tanks go. He’s slower and more defensive. Players that can utilize his armor and defensive abilities are going to do a lot better than those who jump in expecting the Man of Steel to punch with the force of a sun.

Superman’s attacks are slower, which makes them easier to punish. He’s a pretty skilled character though. You’ll need to be a more patient player to really unlock his potential. If you can time his moves, he’s one of the better picks for higher on the MultiVersus tier list.

Harley Quinn

MultiVersus Tier List Harley

Harley is one of the lighter characters, with some decent combos and air attacks. She’s best while up in the air. Harley has some quick aerial moves that deal decent damage, but aerials also feed into one of her main drawbacks though. She might be too floaty. At times, Harley can be a bit too easy to kill.

The most recent patch has buffed her a bit. Specifically, her weight has been increased. This is going to have a bit of a positive impact, putting her slightly more towards the average. Harley has a lot of utility and can make a good pair with other higher-end MultiVersus characters.


MultiVersus Tier List Jake

Jake has some fun and faster abilities that can work well with the right hands. His vertical stretch in particular can really help to control the stage. This keeps the pressure on enemies’ recoveries. His more offensive attacks are also fast enough to keep Jake higher side of the MultiVersus tier list.

He hasn’t received too much of a change in recent patches. While he isn’t at the very top, this higher ranking for Jake might be where he stays for a while.

MultiVersus Tier List – B Tier


MultiVersus Tier List Arya

Arya sits in a solid middle spot on the MultiVersus tier list. Although, she’s had decent changes recently. This might be enough to help Arya move up soon, especially now she’s got more combo potential.

Arya is on the slower side. She has decent attacks if you’re focused on raw damage, okay specials, and there’s a nice bonus of getting an item to heal when knocking someone out. None of this is really enough to make her stand out in a MultiVersus tier list. Recent buffs have improved though. They include more minor-feeling changes with a bigger impact, like changing the trajectory of knocked players for an up special that opens up more combo potential. These aren’t the biggest alterations, but they’re adding a lot of value.


MultiVersus Tier List Taz

Taz was definitely the break-out character of the early launch. Then he got nerfed into the ground. Taz still has some benefits and plenty of players are still spamming whirlwinds, but he isn’t quite as OP as he used to be.

Taz is still viable to come, but has clearer drawbacks now. His air game is weak, which is definitely disappointing. The tornado feels a bit too-nerfed now too. His other moves have received some buffs though. As time goes on Taz might become a more well-rounded character if patches continue like this. Eventually, he could even rebound in MultiVersus tier lists.

LeBron MultiVersusTierListLeBron

LeBron has a creative basketball-styled moveset. His best qualities are his range, but he lacks the combo potential of some other characters. He’s had some buffs in a recent patch, but the nerf to his side special is definitely going to hurt. He could rise up in the future, but for now, he’s just average.

MultiVersus Tier List – C Tier


MultiVersus Tier List Reinzog

Reindog is a support role which is much more useful for 2-v-2, there isn’t a whole lot of offense here. The tether ability is undoubtedly going to enable some very risky plays when used with tight coordination. However, Reindog just isn’t useful outside of enabling an ally. In a 2-2, even the support character should ideally be pulling more weight than this.


MultiVersus Tier List Garnet

Garnet has some problems at the moment. They’re a bit slow, they have long cooldowns, and can be easily punished when using specials. There was a decent buff for the air neutral attack and special but it might not be enough to help them compete with the better bruisers.

Iron Giant

MultiVersus Tier List - Iron Giant

Iron Giant has struggled a bit since being added. He has a bit of an odd play style, and being excluded from recent tournaments hasn’t helped players see where he stands. With the most recent update hitting, it looks like Iron Giant has received some buffs. These should help make him more usable. His high weight is still a bit of a factor though.

When Iron Giant hits, he does a lot of damage. Plus, he can soak just as much up. He’s just a bit slow and lumbering to really get too much done though. The latest patch changed him a lot, but more might be needed to really let him rise in the MultiVersus tier list.

Steven Universe

MultiVersus Tier List Steven Universe

Steven Universe is another support character and one of the weakest at the moment. He just doesn’t really have as much utility compared to the competition. Universe has some utility in 2-v-2, but not enough to make him stand out.

That’s roughly where everyone sits. Although, it’s important to keep in mind how early it is. These first impressions can change majorly as the game gets further from release and players discover more of how high-level play is going to work. This is a rough first impression of how to go with it. However, you’ll have to stay on top of patch notes to see how the balance and meta develop.

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