LoL Patch 12.15 Best Supports to Climb With

Best supports to climb with in patch 12.15. Get up that ladder, and claim your glory in ranked League.

Even though we are nearing the end of season 12, there is still enough time for you to climb to your desired rank, be it gold, plat, or anything higher. Now, if you are a lower-tier player looking for tips about improving yourself and increasing your LP, one of the most common ones online is finding a champion and sticking with it. Or you can choose to play the best performing champions after each patch and “abuse” their strength before they get nerfed in the next patch.

There are many sites you can find champion stats during certain patches, which can be helpful for you when it comes to deciding what to play. Still, if you are looking for some suggestions for strong support picks for the current 12.15 patch, here are some of the best picks you can try to climb.


Doesn’t matter how good they are in pro play, enchanters have always ruled solo queue, both in low and high elos, and Janna has been a premier enchanter in any patch. This is more so ever since her midscope update where Riot changed the speed of her Howling Gale (Q).

With this change, Janna is a lot more dangerous during the laning phase, as it is harder to dodge her knock-up. She is fine against other enchanters in lane and she can bully melee engage supports, who are much more popular in solo queue, out of lane with her poke.

Out of lane, she is probably best at disengaging or peeling her carries, but you can always look for picks out of vision with her tornado. When it comes to peeling, she is great against assassins with her knockback on her ultimate, and against bruisers who like to chase down with her knock-up.

She is one of the rare supports who can use all three enchanter Mythics, but her best performing item is Shurelya’s Battlesong.


You can say lulu is “the” enchanter in League of Legends, always strong and always meta. The reason behind her power is the Yordle’s great synergy with many of the carries in the bot lane. It doesn’t matter what ADC is in fashion, Vayne, Kog’Maw, Twitch or Jinx, Lulu always has a strong late-game partner to buff up.

Her current dominant duos are Sivir, Twitch and Zeri. All three of these ADCs are insanely strong in the meta when they reach a three-item power spike, but all have vulnerable laning phases. So Lulu not only compliments their power for when the time is right, but she also helps them to survive laning with her early dominance in the 2v2.

Lulu also has one of the best basic abilities an enchanter can have, her Whimsy (W). Used offensively, she lets her carries chase and kill enemies and if used defensively, Polymorph is one of the most tilting skills for an assassin diving your carry.


Renata Glasc has been a success ever since the champion was released. Ever since she went live, she has been one of the most picked champions in the bot lane without ever feeling like you cannot win against her.

But the thing is if you put the time in and master Renata, she is one of the best supports when it comes to carrying games. Her kit complements late-game carries like Vayne and Jinx, but also early-game bullies like Draven. Her Handshake (Q) is one of the easiest to hit disengage abilities in the game and with her spammable shield plus Shurelya’s, your allies will be zooming across the map.

And all this without mentioning her game-changing ultimate. Renata’s Hostile Takeover (R) can be hard to hit sometimes, but if you do, there is almost zero chance you will lose a fight. But even if you miss, it is one of the best zoning tools around objectives you can have in the game.

One last tip: If you are duoing with an ADC, I would recommend trying Kalista/Renata lane, which is almost pick/ban in pro play. Renata’s Bailout (W) allows Kalista to stack her spears even after death, which increases her kill potential immensely.


Taric has always been s strong support, gated by his mana struggles. But with the new tear item Fimbulwinter and the mana buffs to his Starlight’s Touch (Q) in 12.11, he’s been much more comfortable in the early game.

He also got his Dazzle (E) cooldown reduced, which makes Taric very strong when you pick him with mobile early game ADCs like Samira or Kalista. Using his passive’s attack speed steroid and basic skill cooldown reduction, you can win 2v2s against most lanes during early fights. He is also very good at roaming, as most current meta junglers are melee.

And when it comes to objective fights or 5v5s, no other support can offer the utility Taric has. Low-cooldown heals and stuns combined with a full invulnerability to damage makes a very dangerous combo for the enemy. You may need some time to adjust using your ultimate as it has a slight delay, but a couple of reps will make sure you get the full potential from your kit.

One weakness of Taric is that he doesn’t necessarily have a best-in-slot support Mythic, but you can fix this problem by rushing other items first. Taric is best picked against AD opponents, as Frozen Hearth is one of the best items for him.


The sad mummy is back to the bot lane after 12.12 changes, where his Bandage Toss (Q) mana cost was reduced and his ultimate’s base damage was buffed. Amumu is an exception in a meta where engage supports tend to struggle in the early game against lane-dominant poke champions and enchanters. But two charges in your Q means the enemy has to either burn their flashes or just die if they ever get hit. This lane pressure gives Amumu one of the best level ones in the bot lane, especially paired with strong early-game carries.

Another upside of Amumu support is that you don’t need engage from your jungler or your top lane and they can pick more carry-oriented champions, which is in abundance at the moment.

Amumu’s inherent MR shred also gives him a great synergy with AP champions if you’d like to play Swain or Seraphine in the bot lane, or at the very least it benefits other AP champions on your comp.

Honorable mentions

  • Senna
  • Seraphine
  • Sona
  • Pyke
  • Zilean

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