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The International Dota 2 Championship is plausibly the biggest event in the esports season. Teams across various regions competed throughout the Dota Pro Circuit 2022 to earn their invites to the International 11 (TI2022). As we count down to TI11 official debut, rest assured that the crew will bring you complete coverage of everything TI11 betting and its action. From esports news and tournament information to betting analysis and match predictions.

Join us for this rollercoaster of competiton, and bet on the International Dota 2 series to earn some hefty return. You can count on us to provide you with curated information for only the best Dota 2 TI11 betting odds.

The International 11 Dota 2 Betting Guide

In a Dota 2 match, predicting the outcome feels more like capturing a series of decisions made by both teams. It’s the school debate that you never got the chance to participate in, but this year, you plan on watching the entire TI11 unfold from Day 1. As commentators and analysts jinx their team pick’s victory, the spectators such as ourselves partake in fantasy leagues, the in-game TI11 compendium, and TI11 betting.

In the following guide, we cover the fundamentals of the International betting, early outright TI11 betting slips, and the various esports betting bonus available to get you started.

Esports betting has always been a mainstay in the International Dota 2 event. That said, the betting markets and categories have evolved from the standard win-lose scenarios to the play-by-play outcomes. Hence, it pays to do your homework on teams and how likely are they to land first blood or highest kill count.

You don’t need to be an guru or oracle to guess correctly when betting on Dota 2. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t recommend betting on a whim since we will be featuring daily TI11 predictions to bet on the International Dota 2.

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Outright Betting

For appetizers before the main event, betting outright is the simplest way to bet on the International Dota 2.

Predict which team will win the International 11, which will be the top team from its respective region, or whether there will be a repeat-TI champion. Besides predicting which among the eighteen teams will win TI11, most outright bets are two-option bets, so it’s not rocket science to just pick one.

Regardless, we will be drilling down on the “Winner of the International 11” outright bet to feature on. The Chinese titans, PSG.LGD currently has favorable odds of winning at x2.55 returns. After all, they did finish first in the DPC 2022, overwhelming all of its rivals.

Other notable candidates could root some decent winnings, such as Team Secret and OG at x7.5 odds. On the other end, we have Hokori with absurd x255.00 returns. It’s important to note that while these odds do look enticing, it’s a 1/18 chance of getting the right one.

Regional TI11 betting markets, such as “Top Chinese Team” or “Top North American Team” provide a better chance of winning due to lesser candidates but still pretty decent odds.

Unlike typical betting slips, outright betting provide higher stakes with decent payoffs, so we recommend trying out the selections. Our favorite one would certainly be the “Any Player/Team to Become Repeat TI Champion in 2022”. With repeat-champions occurrence becoming a thing of possibilities, we had love to see another two-time champ for the history books.

Accumulator/System Betting

Alternatively, Accumulator or System bets are a surefire way to get bigger bang for your buck with Dota 2 TI11 Betting. It’s back to the basics when it comes to Accumulator betting as you predict for multiple outcomes for every match. Most esports bookmakers like GG.BET or the ones mentioned previously offer more complex betting markets for eager players to accumulate multiple bets for a single match. It’s what seasoned gamblers call a reliable way of safeguarding your investment while you bet on the International Dota 2.

Sure, we aren’t going to remain ignorant on the unfortunate possibility of halving your gains. However, it does give you leeway to count your losses and potentially break even, if you remain persistent.

Persistence is key here, so play out your TI11 betting slips throughout the group stage and main events. If you have a favorite team to follow, be sure to tag it as you scroll through the match schedules.

Bet on the International Dota 2 with special bets

We reserve the most exotic bets for the last and the expert Dota 2 enthusiasts. esports bookmakers, namely Thunderpick or Betway offer niche betting markets with very specific metrics.

If game duration and in-game objectives aren’t criteria you track progressively, perhaps you would find better luck from aforementioned TI11 betting routes instead. Else, you might find exotic bets that require integers to be up your alley. One team’s playstyle differs contrastingly from another, so game durations can shorten if a team plays on midgame death-ball strategies. Otherwise, a team that prefers playing into late game for safe measures, may, of course, end the match later.

Again, heed our warning when we say that Special Bets are only for the Dota 2 Esports gurus or Brian “BSJ” Canavan wannabes.

Top 3 Bookmakers with Live Betting

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Esports bonus to bet on The International 11

Bookmakers will have plenty of offers available to entice players to choose their platform over another. On top of the standard esports bonus providers offer, you will find special TI11 specific bonuses enabled. Remember, each provider has their own campaign. This means you can utilize multiple bonuses at multiple providers simultaneously to maximize your winnings across the board.

Your Bet on the International Dota 2: Concluding Remarks

For the best odds and predictions about the International Dota 2 Championship please refer to our Daily TI11 Predictions and our The International 11 Betting Odds article.

A friendly reminder that TI11 betting or esports betting for that matter should be engaging and conservative. Fix a betting budget that you can afford and not overdo it. Take regular breaks in between your binge-watching sessions. You don’t need us to advice that Esports betting is solely entertainment, so there’s no wrong method to bet on the International Dota 2.

For all up-to-date coverage about the International 11 please refer to our Dota 2 News section. Enjoy the International 11 championship while we provide you with daily updates on Dota 2 odds, bets and predictions as the International betting progresses.

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